Mission and other information

Sandhills Physicians, Inc. is an independent physician organization based in Fayetteville, NC. The mission of Sandhills Physicians, Inc. is to ensure the provision of high quality care using a patient centered, physician directed, and locally managed and integrated health care delivery system to patients in Cumberland County and the surrounding area.

  • Maintain patient centered care with local physician ownership and decision making.
  • Develop Quality Improvement and Utilization Management programs and information sharing to achieve “clinical integration” among practices.
  • Monitor and share performance information to identify patient care needs, reduce practice variation and improve patient outcomes.
  • Use data and peer review to improve performance.
  • Financially reward providers who demonstrate quality performance and provide feedback to provider for quality improvement.
Interested in Joining
Currently, Sandhills Physicians is a closed panel IPA. New physicians of an existing practice within the Sandhills Physicians network are eligible for membership and may be stockholders. Contact Sandhills Physicians IPA prior to a new physician’s arrival as all new providers must be credentialed before seeing patients of Sandhills Physicians IPA. Providers will not be paid for services until they are credentialed. While all applications are considered, it is up to the Sandhills Physicians IPA to make final determination about stockholder/membership and participation in the network. Once a Primary Care Physician stockholder meets $4,000 in continuous contributions, they are vested. Specialists are vested when they meet $5,000 in continuous contributions. A five hundred dollar application fee is taken off the cost of stock and balance is due prior to being a member of the network

Credentialing Information & Application

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Stockholder Secure Website
Sandhills Physicians IPA stockholder members have access to a secure website which offers information, resources, tools, and an interactive physicians and staff forum. The website was developed to help improve staff efficiencies, enhance the understanding of insurance coverage and billing, and provide increased knowledge of SPI services. Follow the link below to access the secure website.