Health Risk Assessment

Sandhills Physicians are dedicated to improving your health. We work with you on an individualized basis to get to know you, your lifestyle and your medical history. We believe that your lifestyle and the choices you make everyday can lower medical expenses and enable you to live a healthier and longer life. As a provider of Sandhills Physicians, we have partnered with a company called BioSigna that allows us to work with you to identify lifestyles that determine your overall risk profile.

We realize that each individual is unique and requires a personalized assessment based on the best medical evidence. BioSigna’s Health Risk Assessment tool called “Know Your Number® “can help.

Accurately assessing the likelihood that individuals will develop a chronic, preventable disease resulting in poor quality of life, declining productivity and higher healthcare costs has become a major concern of healthcare providers, insurers, and employers alike.

“Know your Number” is a Health Risk Assessment that is a science-based summary and analysis of a participant’s health, lifestyle behaviors, health history, and risk factors for disease. In addition to biometric measures such as weight, height, blood pressure, blood cholesterol levels, and blood glucose, the Health Risk Assessment includes measures for productivity, perceived health, job and life satisfaction, and safety.

Driven by a powerful, patented predictive technology, “Know Your Number” is the first and only multi-dimensional tool to predict the risk of onset, progression, or life expectancy related to multiple chronic diseases. Most importantly, “Know Your Number” is completely evidence-based and this means a personalized health risk assessment at its best.

Know Your Number® by BioSigna

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Completing the “Know your Number” Health Risk Assessment does cost a small fee. Many employers in the marketplace are willing to pay for the cost of completing the Health Risk Assessment.

Check with your employer or Human Resource Department to see if this is a benefit covered and paid for by your employer. More importantly, ask your physician about the benefits of this assessment and how this assessment could help you manage your health, behaviors and risks.

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