Sandhills Physicians, IPA

physiciansFounded in 1995, Sandhills Physicians, Inc. is approximately 400 providers serving Cumberland County and the surrounding Metro Area who have agreed to work collectively to improve the health of the patients they serve while supporting each other in independent practice. We strive to develop cohesive relationships amongst our physicians to ensure that patients receive timely access to healthcare services. Using state of the art technology, tools and data collection, our physicians practice medicine with the best available technology and the most up to date clinical information to ensure our patients receive the highest level of quality healthcare. Our goal is to consistently achieve healthcare outcomes that improve the health of our patients by working closely with your local hospitals, health plans and community agencies in support of our mission to enhance the quality of healthcare in Cumberland County and the surrounding area.

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Choosing a quality provider of care in Cumberland County has never been easier. At Sandhills Physicians, IPA (independent Practice Association), we take great care in carefully screening and selecting providers to be in our network. We have doctors who determine who are the best in the area. All doctors in the network have passed a thorough review and must meet or exceed network participation requirements. While the criterion to be participating provider is rigorous, we feel local doctors have the best insight into who provides the best quality of care, not someone who does not live in the area. We choose only the best. You can rest assured, that if you are seen by a doctor in Sandhills Physicians, IPA, they are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of care and will work diligently to keep you healthy. Our doctors regularly review the care our physicians provide using a method called peer review. Peer Review means that a group of doctors review the care that is provided by a group of colleagues and provide feedback about the care that was rendered. Should a issue or problem be identified, a corrective action plan is required for continued participation in Sandhills Physicians.

At Sandhills Physicians, we believe patients are empowered to make decisions. We encourage you to partner with your physician to make the right decisions about you and your health. You choose who is your primary care physician and specialists. Together, you and your doctors make your medical decisions on what is right for you. Sandhills Physicians make medical decisions locally and knows the resources available in our local community. We have relationships with resources outside of our local community if necessary as we have your best interests. We use the most advanced technology and latest in medical advancement combined with our dedication and commitment to excellence to provide you the highest quality of care right here in your community.

We are Committed to Serve You

At Sandhills Physician IPA, our commitment is to the health of our patients through the caring partnership of patients, physicians and medical professionals. We believe that though advanced connectivity and inter-dependence among our physicians, we can achieve the highest quality health care. We are dedicated to meeting your needs and promise to not only meet your expectations but set standards of care, provide convenience and be accessible. We hold our selves accountable at every level of the organization: physician peer review, internal and external performance monitoring and quality improvement programs are in place and reviewed regularly.  Besides colleague doctors reviewing care provided by our network physicians, we also monitor patient and employer satisfaction surveys as we want to do all we can to make your experience with us the best from a clinical, financial and personal point of view.

Who are the Doctors of Sandhills Physicians IPA, INC

We are doctors who live in your community. Use the link below to look up a provider in the Sandhills Physicians Network. Sandhills Physicians Provider Directory:
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What Geographic Area does Sandhills Physicians Serve

We serve Cumberland County but have strategic relationship with other providers outside of the immediate area.