Members Meeting

The annual Sandhills Physicians Members meeting is held in February. All Shareholders and Affiliate members are encouraged to attend.  This meeting will follow an agenda which outlines the current financial state of the IPA, current undertakings of the IPA, and future plans for the IPA. The meeting will conclude with a vote for the vacating seats of the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors consists of Primary and Specialty Providers.  To be eligible for a position on the Board of Directors you must meet certain criteria. First of all, you must be a voting shareholder. If you hold a stock certificate you do meet this criterion. Secondly, you must have served actively on a Sandhills Physicians committee for a period of one year.  If you have not actively served on a committee but wish to become a part of the board, you may also obtain eligibility by attending Board Orientation and attending four board meetings as a non-voting participant. This may be done after the vote for seated positions. Finally, you must be nominated for the position.

At the beginning of January, you will receive a packet that will include a list of shareholders notating current board members, seats that are being vacated, nomination form and proxy statement. Review this list, complete the nomination form, and return to SPI being mindful of the deadline.  If you are unable to attend the meeting and wish to vote, you may do so by assigning a proxy.  Complete the proxy statement and return to Sandhills Physicians. During this time period, the documents will also be made available on this website.

Other Member meetings may be called throughout the year to discuss pressing business that cannot wait until the annual members’ meeting.  In this case, notification of the meeting will be sent by email and fax to the practices.